6 Days to go! and a break down of the days events!

Hello everyone, not long now!

It occurred to me that I haven’t really posted the details of the day! Its on the flyer, and in the brochure, and now its here, so you can play your day out in fine detail!

Aniscape Talks - 24th march 
Listen to talks from professional animators and gain some insight into the world of animation. Plus, see our film screenings for the reduced price of £3.50 each!

10am Aniscape officially begins!

11:30am introduction

11:45am NSC Creative - Immersive Storytelling
An award winning studio that specializes in full dome and Stereo 3D work, right here in Leicester.

12:45am Leo Bridle - Train of Thought
A director and animator who’s previous clients include Nickelodeon and The Science Museum will take us through the making of his short film ‘Train of Thought’

2:30pm Jagex Game Studio - Runescape
Brad Auty and Stuart Owen will be showing us their work, and what goes into creating animation for the world biggest free MMORPG, Runescape.

3:30pm Mohan Subra - Selling Your TV Ideas
With 25 years experience, Mohan Subra has worked with many clients, including Cartoon Network, and will be talking about his own tv project, Patch Pillows.

Film screenings
show your Aniscape talk wristband to get a reduced price of £3.50 each. (works both days)

The Iron Giant - 4:30pm
The Illusionist - 6:30pm
The Iron Giant - 3:00pm
The Illusionist - 5:00pm

Media Marketplace
From 10am
The Phoenix Cafe will be transformed into a media marketplace; a space for artists to display and discuss their work, and for budding animators to pick up some hints and tips, or discover something new. Entry to the marketplace is free, and open to all, so why not come on down and check out what’s going on?

Also, as of yesterday, The Cube at Phoenix Square is currently showing over 2 hours of animation that you amazing people submitted. If you’re there any time this week, pop in and watch a few (or all) of the shorts that have been sent in. Some great stuff!

If you haven’t already bought your tickets, you can get them online here! http://phoenix.org.uk/index.php?cms_id=486 or you can buy them through the Phoenix box office! 
8 days to go!!

While things are crazy for me right now, its also an exciting time of things coming together. Aniscape is going to be fantastic. If you don’t already have your tickets, get them now! http://www.phoenix.org.uk/index.php?cms_id=486 

Ok, now to a little profile piece. The Friday before aniscape, we’re going to have an education day (that’s why on some aniscape logos it says the 23rd! Confusing, I know.) One of our main collaborators for the education day is Dean The Art Wizard. http://www.artwiz.co.uk/ 

Dean Williams (AKA, the art wizard) creates large scale animations, much like art attack, but animated! the plan is to use lots of the recyclable materials that gets produced in a digital media centre to create some animation on a scale many people will never see. im really excited to see what they end up creating! Dean will also be showing off what he does at the marketplace on the 24th, so you’ll all have a chance to meet him then.  

In other news, The Cube at Phoenix Square will be hosting a 2 hour showreel of animation from tommorrow (hopefully) in the lead up to aniscape! im about to go set it up, so hope it all goes well!

bad news (boo) good news (yay!)

Ok, so you may have noticed news on Aniscape a little quiet over the past few days, and there’s an unfortunate reason.

One of our speakers, Szofita has been forced to cancel. It was tough for her to do, but it was a choice she had to make, and she made the right one. It’s just a shame for us that we wont get to see the talk she was going to give, I’m sure it would have been fantastic! She will be sending her work over still, so ill make sure it gets shown so you can all see her fantastic work. 

But, that left me with an empty slot to fill!i wanted to deliver 4 interesting talks, and thats what people expect (and deserve if they’re buying tickets) so thats what we will do. So, after lots of head scratching and a few emails, we have a new speaker to announce!

Mohan Subra

Mohan Subra has 25 years industry experience as an animation director and consultant for animation. His previous clients include Cartoon Network, Copernicus Studios and Leo Burnett. Most recently he has created and directed ‘Patch Pillows’ a 78 episode preschool animated show that will be released worldwide this year. Mohan is going to talk to us about how he developed and sold this concept to a worldwide audience. 

Check out lots more of his work (and I mean lots) at his website  http://www.subradesigns.com/ 

Despite the last minute addition to Aniscape, I’m really looking forward to this! This is a talk for people who want to get serious about their work and make something big. I’m also geeking out a little because I remember his Cartoon Network stuff from when I was younger!

Mohan will be giving his talk in the 15:30 slot of Aniscape, that is advertised as ‘Szofita - Szofitaland’ in the Phoenix brochure.

Tickets on sale now! http://www.phoenix.org.uk/index.php?cms_id=486 

NSC Creative at Aniscape!

ASTRONAUT 3D Teaser v01 - 16x9 from NSC Creative on Vimeo.

We’re happy to announce that Leicester’s own NSC Creative team will be at Aniscape. Based at The National Space Centre, This award winning studio are specialists in both Fulldome and Stereo 3D animation. If you’ve been to the National Space centre, you’ve likely seen their fantastic work.

For more info on NSC Creative, check out http://www.nsccreative.com/

An update

Ooh its been a lot longer than I expected since my last blog post! but lots has been going on. A few little updates:

  • Aniscape is featured in the new issue of FD2D magazine. Those fantastic people gave us a whole page, and will also be supporting us throughout the festival. 
  • The marketplace is filling up fast with lots of interesting things to look at, ask questions to, get involved and generally explore. its turning into a great aspect of the festival that is becoming its own thing. We’re letting it grow naturally, as opportunities arrise. More on this soon, as it deserves a more in-depth look. And best of all, it will be free! 
  • We can now confirm the films we will be showing after the talks on the 24th! They will be:

The Iron Giant - Brad Bird at his best (yes, even including his time at Pixar… and Mission Impossible 4…) This modern classic is widely regarded as one of the best animated films ever made. Funny, action packed, heart warming… It really is quite perfect. And on the big screen too! Also the best Vin Diesel performance ever put to celluloid.

The Illusionist - Based on an unfilmed Jacques Tati script, this mostly silent animated film is one of the most beautiful animated films ever created. Every single frame is a work of art, and Sylvain Chomet controls the pace perfectly. If you loved The Triplets of Bellville (aka Bellville Rendezvous ) then you have to see this.

Ok, so more updates to come soon! Remember, if you have short films/ showreels/ work in progress reels that you want to show at the festival, let us know and we’ll see if we can accommodate you! Details below in the previous post.

Thank you, and spread the word!

Speaker confirmed!

Ok, today I can confirm our first speaker (I have more confirmed, but where’s the fun in telling you everything all in one go?)

The Fantastic Leo Bridle (@leobridle) will be joining us to discuss his work, which looks like this.

(click the picture for a link to his website)

He has made some really interesting and exciting work, and worked for some great clients such as the Science Museum and Nickelodeon, and we’re really excited to have him on board. Cant wait to see what he shows us!

Head Room - James Watt’s Workshop from Leo Bridle on Vimeo.

First post!

Hello! This is the first post of the Aniscape blog!

Right, no more exclamation marks.

Aniscape is a 3 day animation festival that will take place at Phoenix Square in Leicester in march next year. Its being organized by James Lewis and myself Andrew Leeke (with LOTS of help from John Coster of @citizenseye.) We’re two animation graduates, who now work professionally and also have strong ties with Phoenix Square. 

Yesterday we joined Citizens Eye for Community Media Week at Phoenix Square and demonstrated some animation techniques live on screen, let people have a go, and talked lots about animation to pretty much everyone! Honestly, sometimes you just cant shut us up.

Except now, because I need to go!